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Caring for Your Piece


To get the most out of your crystals, it’s good to do regular cleansing. Your pieces are hard at work comforting, soothing, absorbing, deflecting, and balancing energies. A periodic purification returns the crystals to their highest vibrational state, ready for action on your behalf. Avoid any washing or swimming, as this may loosen the cord and dull the charms.

Here are a few recommendations for the reactivation and charging of your amulets.


Leave your crystals in a space where they can be exposed to the light of a Full Moon - outside or on a windowsill. Full Moon energy releases and purifies that which no longer serves. An intentional blessing or thought of gratitude for their gift of healing is recommended.



Using Selenite crystal in wand form or with a bowl is a simple way to cleanse your crystals. Selenite is one of the few crystals that does not need recharging, as it powerfully transmutes energy with self-cleaning magick.



Cleansing your crystals by smudging (burning dried plants) is another easy way to refresh them and can be done any time with any frequency. Used around the world for ceremonial practices for thousands of years, smoke clearing is ideal for purifying energy from any object, space, or a person’s aura. Gifted from Earth, some of these sacred plant varieties include Sage, Palo Santo wood, cedar, mug wort and sweetgrass.  

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