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Choosing a Piece

Stone medicine is an ancient healing modality of the body, mind & spirit. As conduits of Earth’s grounding force, crystals work by channeling vibrational frequencies based on their molecular composition. Working with the body's energy centers of the Chakra system, each crystal variety maintains unique properties that emit positive, energizing, and calming effects.

Our beings flow with dynamic, electromagnetic energy and crystals are a powerful way to help direct and influence this flow towards a more expansive experience of life. This attunement connects us deeper to our Life Force energy, also known as Chi, Prana, and Jiva.

This list provides a guide to pieces that may serve you best. 

Stress + Overwhelm
Anxiety + Worry
Sleep + Calm
Energizing + Motivating
Intuition + Vision
Boundaries + Protection
Creativity + Sexuality
Confidence + Courage
Balance + Grounding
Communication + Self-Expression
Positivity + Mood Boosting
Abundance + Manifesting
Heart Flow + Self Love
Change + Transition
Divine Feminine Wisdom
Connection with Higher Self

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