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Words of Appreciation


"You won't be disappointed..."
Lux in Latin products are beautiful and unique. I have purchased several bracelets for myself, and as gifts. My friends and family ask about the bracelets and have purchased them for themselves or requested them as gifts. Many products on the market look similar, but the quality and craftsmanship of these bracelets is superior. The customer service is outstanding too. You won’t be disappointed and will end up buying more, just like I have!
— Tacey T. (Saratoga, CA)

"I feel the power of these crystal gemstones..."
I can’t speak highly enough about these beautiful bracelets! I have purchased many, my only complaint being that I can’t decide which one to wear each day. I love the quality - so durable and powerful. I can wear them all day, for their beauty, but also to assist in any challenges I may be facing in the moment. I feel the power of these crystals and gemstones, as they often lift me up emotionally. Two of my favorites are Magical Forest and Spirit Animal. I am often physically active, and these remind me to push the boundaries to improve my health and to let go of negative patterns. I feel a connection with all the pieces I have purchased, and for extra juju, prefer to wear them layered. Nelya is so creative and has an amazing eye for beauty and design. I highly recommend Lux in Latin intentional jewelry.
— B.V. (San Jose, CA)

"There is a healing synergy that comes through..."
Nelya’s work is special. There are many beaded bracelets on the market, but you can feel the intention in her work. There is a healing synergy that comes through in each of her pieces. I have several of her designs, and they all have their intended purpose. The high quality of the materials she uses makes a difference. Thank you, Nelya, for making a meaningful product. 🙏
— Tammy C. (Santa Cruz, CA)

"I love them all!"
I absolutely love Lux in Latin bracelets!  They are each so unique and pretty, and I have bought many for myself and as gifts for others--even my teenage daughter and niece.  Each piece is beautifully designed with gorgeous semi-precious stones or crystals, with special energy properties.  Nelya has a great eye for design and is very intuitive about people.  She adds a personal touch by talking to her customers to get a sense of what they wish for or need in their lives at that moment, such as love, strength, balance, energy, happiness, healing, and she helps them select the perfect bracelet with the right energy to fit that purpose.  Also, I get so many compliments whenever I wear them!  Every time I see Nelya, I look for her latest designs and can’t resist picking up a new one.  These bracelets layer so well together and make any outfit a little hipper and more stylish.  I love them all!
— Claire H. (Boston, MA)

"They are stunning!"
Nelya’s creations carry the Divine energies of various semi-precious stones which heal, protect, inspire, energize, stabilize and more! Nel always takes the time to talk through the headspace and current life challenges of her clients, to recommend a piece that will best help you through whatever you currently need. She’s extremely intuitive and picks up on things you may never even have thought about yourself. I have nearly ten of her designs and each one gives me different benefits. Most notable is one she made me for my 40th birthday, based on what she felt I needed, finding my center and happiness. It’s been so calming for me I only take off when sleeping. I love layering these, not once have I NOT gotten a complement when wearing them. They are all stunning! She truly infuses everything she touches with positivity and blessings!
— Azade N. (Los Gatos, CA)
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