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Guardian Angel

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INTENTION: Peaceful & calming, Angelite compassionately guides through difficult times. Supports communication with deeper truths, as well as telepathic abilities. Deepens attunement & facilitates conscious contact with the angelic realm.

“We pray to the angels, for they are given to us as guardians.” - St. Ambrosius

Pairs nicely with Little Black Dress, Winter Solstice, Triple Goddess, Little Lux Black Onyx, Mini Lux

This Lux in Latin offering is made with natural gemstones and gold-plated charms fashioned on a durable stretchy cord, easy for slipping on and off the wrist. Included with a design-specific Intention Card and a cotton, drawstring dustbag.

Crafted by hand with materials from the Earth, designs may have slight variations in color, shape, size, and pattern.

Each healing amulet has been cleansed, activated, blessed, and is ready for action! Sturdy enough for everyday use, avoid exposure to water. To keep your piece charged, it is important to occasionally cleanse it.

Enjoy and blessings be with you on your healing journey!

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